Latest Dosages for Lab reports for price list.

RECENT ANAVAR 10mg DOSAGE (result date June 2024)
Anavar 10mg was actually 11.3mg 

RECENT ANAVAR 25 (result date end may 2024)
Anavar 25 was actually 25.8mg

RECENT PRIMO 100 DOSAGE (result date May 2024)
Primo 100 was actually 102mg

RECENT ANAVAR 25mg DOSAGE (result date May 2024)
Anavar 25mg was actually 30.3mg

RECENT TEST 250 DOSAGE (result date Mar 2024)
Test 250 was 263mg per ml

RECENT PRIMO 150 DOSAGE (result date Mar 2024)
Primo 150 was actually 166mg per ml

RECENT YOHIMBINE 10mg DOSAGE (result date Feb 2024)
Yohimbine 10mg was actually 15.4 mg per capsule. (We have changed the dosage on label to Yohimbine 15mg to reflect this)

RECENT PROVIRON 25mg DOSAGE (result date Feb 2024)
Proviron 25 was actually 27.8mg 

RECENT CLOMID 50mg DOSAGE (result date Feb 2024)
Clomid was actually 45mg

RECENT ARIMIDEX 1mg DOSAGE (result date Feb 2024)
Arimidex 1mg was actually 1.03mg

RECENT DIANABOL 20mg DOSAGE (result date January 2024)
Dianabol 20mg was actually 23.8mg per capsule.

RECENT ANAVAR 25MG DOSAGE (result date December 2023)
Anavar 25mg was actually 26.7mg per capsule.  (Higher than we wanted, but no price increase has occurred.)

RECENT ANAVAR 10mg DOSAGE (result date November 2023)
Anavar 10mg was actually 9.3mg  (Lower than we wanted, and have adjusted the next batch (Batch 191123) to ensure a more accurate label claim)